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It's nice to be able to sit at home and relax and know that I can be calm and confident, even if something happens at the firm, said Marie Olsson, CEO of JM Chark outside Halmstad.

JM is a slaughterhouse company, also controlled by law that there shall be an alarm in the lairage.

- But it's also self-preservation of thinking one step further. A power outage with us is hugely costly, verging on irreplaceable. We have to have something that is easy, fast and simple so we can both find out what is happening and that it is possible to fix as soon as possible, says Marie.

JM has a number of years, an alarm system, delivered by Fridat AB. Would it be too hot or blackouts in the lairage send an SMS and responsible staff can quickly fix the error.

- I have helped the company to quickly obtain a basis for making the right decisions at the disruption, says Henrik Stenson, CEO of Fridat.

Fridats customers to alarm systems all have a common view:

- It is an incredible cheap insurance and really we should get a premium reduction from our insurance company when you have this type of assistive technology, says Marie Olsson at JM.


Solution: GSM Alarm device IP 68