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Mikael Elstrom, Nyby gard, Laholm, Sweden
Nyby farm has a milk robot which is computer controlled, the robot has several built-in alarm as standard but to improve the machine we installed the following:

Nuby Gård

SMS alarm industry, "tough environment" requires the IP rating.

  • Robot Alarm - If the milk pump has been inactive for more than 45 minutes, SMS will be sent with the text "Robot alarm."
  • Feeder - If there is a failure of the automatic feeding a SMS with the text "feeder" is beeing sent.
  • Power failures - If power fails at the plant sent a SMS with the text "Power failure" will be sent.
  • Temperature - At high or low temperature of the milk a SMS with the text "Temperature" will be sent.


Feedback from Mikael Elstrom regarding farming and technology.

Mikael Elstrom owns and operates Nyby farm in Laholm. He is the 8th generation and now purely the farm to become a specialist in dairy farming.

- What once began with a cow, ten chickens and a pig is now about 230 cows . I think , unlike many others that it is better to have a healthy leg to stand on than many " rotten " , says Michael.

Nyby Farm is within the top ten percent among milk producers in Sweden . It's an incredibly technically developed farm, thanks to modern robotic equipment and a good feed line can be operated with only three people.


- It is true that we have invested in technology, but also important is that we managed to create a harmonious environment for the cows. They are fed every two hours, and they can go and scratch on the back as they wish, and everything goes very quiet about it, as long as it works.

- We focused on the alarm on power failure , if anything happens to the robot and the feed line. Will there be an end somewhere , it's hard to come back. A few hours of interruption can cost us several days in milk , says the enthusiastic dairy farmer .

Michael believes that it is important that all technology must be " basic" . It should not be complicated and you have to be a little on the technology.

- Now I get a SMS with the text of what happened . I can immediately see what is wrong and do not need to go and look what the cause is . I can go directly to the source and the problem can be corrected very quickly. It is the security I both want and need , says Michael.

Nyby Farm produce 2.5 million kilo milk / year. When you drive still only at about 70 % capacity utilization .

It is important to have " air " , but we should be up to about 85 % of our total capacity , says Michael, who now says that it will, through the Fridat invest in additional alarms.

- We have an opportunity to set the temperature alarm on the tank. That is something we do as soon as I do not wish that it happens once we get cranking out 11,000 kg milk, which was 17 degrees . We can set both minimum and maximum temperature and we do this at short notice , summarizes a delighted Michael Elstrom.

 Product: Industrial M2M alarm